Thoughts on Training vs. Education

An excellent post made by Geetha Krishnan on his blog Simply Speaking. The original post can be found at:

His goal is to discuss the difference between training and education, which is something I have been struggling with as well. A few snippets from the post linked above really nail it for me.

  • Education (even vocational education) is far transfer; training is near transfer.
  • Education emphasizes first principles; training emphasizes application.
  • Education focuses on building the mind; training on building skills.
  • Most training is company-specific; hence, not easily transferable from one job to another. Most education would be transferable.
  • Training gives you the fish; education teaches you to fish.

Algorithms Get a Human Hand in Steering Web

Yes, it’s the era of big data, but you can’t forget the need for context. And that’s what people are good at. Whether it’s big data to help with Internet search or mining data for patterns in scientific data, people need to sift through what’s a hit versus what’s a false alarm. Algorithms and big data science can help sift through the haystack, but oftentimes you still need the person to find the needle.

Agent-Based Modeling Helps the New SimCity Game

Super cool! Small, quick-to-run models for every person and many things in the new SimCity game, so you can click on an individual citizen in your city and see their happiness levels, wants, and needs.

However, the heart beating beneath the surface of the re-imagined SimCity is the new GlassBox engine.

“It’s a new simulation engine that was developed here at Maxis to support agent-based simulation,” Lead Producer Kip Katsarelis told “It’s not necessarily related to cities, it’s a general engine; we’ve kept the code separate from SimCity. It lets you simulate very simple objects that, when composed together, can do very complex things.”

Pentagon Acts to Limit Spending in Case Cutbacks Begin in March

WASHINGTON — Fearing that Congress and the president may not reach a deal on spending and the deficit, the Pentagon’s leadership is freezing civilian hiring, limiting maintenance work and delaying approval of some contracts.

Is it wrong that I get this excited over a collaborative meeting space?

From @pogue
Yay! In Windows 8, the Shut Down command is no longer hiding behind a button called Start. Now it’s behind a button called Settings.

The Science Of Why Sandy Is Such A Dangerous Storm

The six reasons for why Hurricane Sandy is so dangerous. The NPR article has a lot of great detail about why my power is flickering right now.

1. Sandy is one of the largest hurricanes ever to strike the U.S.

2. Sandy is a very slow-moving storm.

3. Sandy remains strong as it reaches the coast.

4. Sandy is arriving during high tides.

5. Sandy is bringing cold air and snow as well as wind and rain.

6. Sandy is likely to affect New York City.

Brain Waves Reveal Video Game Aptitude

Increased alpha wave oscillation in frontal lobes are indicative of improving at video games. Awesome research done at my undergrad alma mater, the University of Illinois

The researchers used electroencephalography (EEG) to peek at electrical activity in the brains of 39 study subjects before they trained on Space Fortress, a video game developed for cognitive research. The subjects whose brain waves oscillated most powerfully in the alpha spectrum (about 10 times per second, or 10 hertz) when measured at the front of the head tended to learn at a faster rate than those whose brain waves oscillated with less power, the researchers found. None of the subjects were daily video game players.

Navy Says Submarine, Aegis Cruiser Collide

Whoops. Someone wasn’t paying attention.

From the Associated Press:

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — The Pentagon said late Saturday that it is investigating why a Navy submarine collided with an Aegis cruiser during routine operations at an undisclosed location.

The U.S. Fleet Forces Command said in a news release that the submarine USS Montpelier and the Aegis cruiser USS San Jacinto collided at about 3:30 p.m. No one was injured, and the extent of any damage to the vessels was not clear Saturday evening, said Lt. Commander Brian Badura of the Fleet Forces Command.

"We have had circumstances where Navy vessels have collided at sea in the past, but they’re fairly rare as to how often they do take place," Badura told The Associated Press.

Navy officials said the collision was under investigation, but declined to offer specifics on what happens next or on where the incident took place.

"If we do have an incident that does take place, there are folks that swing into action… to help us make a better, more conclusive explanation of exactly what happened," Badura said.

The news release says “overall damage to both ships is being evaluated,” and that the sub’s propulsion plant was “unaffected by the collision.” Both Navy ships are based at Norfolk, Va. and are operating on their own power, the news release says.